REMAX Auricolare Bluetooth RB-T8 nero

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COD. ED10982



Modern Bluetooth Remax headphones set is a comfortable and useful solution. It assures holding easy-going and comfortable calls during driving a car. The whole construction is made of durable materials – aluminium and ABS – which guarantee comfort of using. The headphone is equipped with a loudspeaker which reduces noises, Bluetooth technology, level of charger, voice communicates, music player, HD microphone and power button. The gadget is compatible with smartphones with Android and iOS systems. Furthermore the headphone works with two devices at the same time. The set includes microUSB cable and special holder. Bluetooth: V.4.1 Bluetooth range: approx. 10m Conversations time: ok. 5h Charging time: approx. 2h Standby time: approx. 55h Frequency: 2.4 GHz Size: 5,1 x 1,5 x 1 cm Weight: 134 g Compatibility: Android/iOS Colour: Black