WK-Design Bluetooth BS150 bianco

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COD. ED13303



A Lightweight, wireless sports earphone offers good sound quality, and Bluetooth 4.1 technology ensures fast transmission. The microphone ensures high sound quality, clear voice and noise reduction from the environment. The handset allows you to make phone calls and listen to music wirelessly. The handset is extremely lightweight, only 6.10 g means that we will not feel any weight. Specification: Bluetooth Version: V4.1 Weight: 6.10 g Battery: lithium-polymer Capacity: 100 mAh Output voltage: 5V / 0.5-1.0A Charging time: 2 hours Music listening time: 4 hours Talking time: 4 hours Frequency: 50-100 KHz Sensitivity: 110 db ± 3 db