Case Disney Anna for SAM Galaxy S8 (001)

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COD. ED13754



Original licensed case with iconic cartoon characters. Provide not only the unique appearance of the device but also excellent protection against damage. The case is made of a flexible, non-slip 0,5mm silicone which makes the case fits the shape of your phone. It has dedicated cutouts for system inputs, so it does not limit the functionality of the phone. The edge of the case protrudes above the LCD screen, which additionally protects the display from scratches. Various patterns on offer. ATTENTION! You can order any pattern of products(case/powerbank/pendrive) from the catalogs below. The minimum order is 40 pieces per pattern + model (e.g. 40 pieces for the MINNIE 003 Multicolored/ iPhone X). Click and check our offer: Disney: Warner Bross: The cases are available fpr most of the phone models. For details, please contact your representative.