Leather Case Fancy Book Universal 5,3 - 5,8" Oro

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COD. ED7424



Universal Fancy Book holster is a wallet and protection for your phone in one. The case has got a pocket for bank cards and necessary documents. It also consists of a TV stand, which makes it easy to watch movies. The holster has a convenient magnet clasp. The interior is made of flexible silicone which adapts to the shape of your phone model. The case has cutouts for function buttons what facilitate using the phone. It is made of high-quality eco-leather, which provides adequate protection of your phone from scratches and damage. The pockets guarantee easy storage for necessary documents. Fancy Book filed with the position of the TV stand allows eg. to watch movies. The case is available in two colours: dark blue and black. The holster is available in three sizes: 4.3-4.8", 4.8"-5.3", 5.3-5.8" Colour: Black